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Frequently Asked Questions

US Customs requires original ownership documents. Copies will not be accepted. For an automobile, you will need an original title. Salvage certificates may also work, depending on your shipment's destination. We can provide the remaining documents needed for US Customs clearance.

Since machines do not have original titles, US Customs accepts original, notarized bills of sale or commercial invoices. The document must state the machine is paid for in full, and it must be in color. Copies will not be accepted. Our team can provide the rest of the documents you need for US Customs clearance.

Yes! Whether you are shipping an automobile, machinery, a truck, boat, or other large asset, we can help you arrange delivery of your item to the port. Our team can prepare you with the documentation and procedure to deliver your item.

Our team will provide you a Bill of Lading, which is the document needed to claim your asset upon arrival at the destination port. You will require the services of a Customs agent at your shipment's destination to facilitate the local clearance into your destination country. We can recommend an agent at your request.

elyonship.com is free to use. With your free account, you can search unlimited quotes, save your searches, manage your shipments 24/7, and more. If you need any other information, please email us at info@elyonbr.com for assistance.

Yes! While the ground transportation cost is not included on the quotes you see on elyonship.com, we can offer delivery of your item from any point of origin. Whether we are picking up from an auction, a dealership, or a private residence, we can help!

We'll definitely deliver your package on time so far it has a name and is on the map.

Customs clearance is a procedure that must be completed before goods can be imported or exported internationally. If a shipment is cleared, the shipper will provide documentation confirming the payment of customs duties, and the shipment will be processed.

Yes you can.

When your order is confirmed, it will move through our order system and a tracking link will be generated.

The tracking link won't show tracking information until your goods have been updated. This should usually be within minutes. 

Yes, you may change your delivery address (assuming your order has not been delivered). We recommend calling us immediately upon realising that the address may be wrong with your order. If your order is already in transit, there may be additional freight charges incurred. Please contact your shade specialist directly for help

We make every effort to ship these within 24 hours of receiving your order and payment. While you wait, we will send you instructions on how to prepare for your Order.

We can ship and deliver all across the world. We'll look to get your product to you as soon as possible. 

Shipping cost varies all around the world, we ship from your closest warehouse location.

Our team of shade experts and sales consultants will be able to give you an approximate cost of shipping. Feel free to contact us to discuss